Powerful therapies. Lasting change.

Powerful therapies. Lasting change.

At Numinus, we believe the societal costs of mental illness, addictions, trauma and unmet human potential are much too high.

New approaches, new treatments and new ways of thinking are required — solutions where the world of health care and technology collide — to help individuals and communities heal, discover meaning and make deeper connections.

We are in this for the long run and the right reasons. We are moving from “sick care” to a new definition of health care, where people turn to Numinus for a lifelong relationship in their journey to heal and be well.

One of the first companies licensed by Health Canada to test, sell and distribute psychedelic substances.

Numinus is at the forefront of transformative changes in treating mental illness, addictions, trauma while addressing the universal desire to heal and be well.

Through Numinus Bioscience (licence holder Salvation Botanicals Ltd doing business as Salvation Bioscience), Numinus has a dealer’s licence which allows the company to test, possess, buy and sell MDMA, psilocybin, psilocin, DMT and mescaline. Numinus is seeking to expand the licence to include activities such as import/export, testing and R&D. The expanded licence will allow Numinus to support the growing number of studies on the potential benefits of psychedelic therapies through research projects, product development, and the supply and distribution of these substances.

Numinus also operates a stand-alone centre offering patients integrative health solutions to help heal, connect and grow. A purpose-built facility is planned for Vancouver in 2021.

Transformative change is needed


Estimated annual economic burden of mental illness in Canada

1 in 2

The number of Canadians who will be affected by mental health issues by the age of 40


The number of Canadians who die by suicide per year – almost 11 suicides per day


Percentage of Canadian adults who will suffer PTSD in their lifetime


Number of unemployed Canadians who are unable to work due to mental health problems

1 in 5

The number of Canadians who suffer from addiction in any given year


Percentage of Canadians experiencing a major depressive episode that do not receive “potentially adequate care”


Canada’s rank in the use of antidepressant drugs per capita. The use of antidepressants is on the rise globally.


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