Guided consciousness-altering therapies in a safe and controlled environment.

Catalysts, transformative therapies, peak or cathartic experiences are all referring to the same thing - controlled and supported experiences that have the potential to fundamentally change an individuals perspectives, beliefs and behaviors. This can include somatic breathwork, neurofeedback therapy, and more.

Coming soon to Numinus Catalyst Programs: psychedelic therapy.

A Supported Experience

  • Professional Therapists

    Every experience is facilitated by medical and therapeutic professionals. Your therapist will guide you through the catalyst experience and support you through the integration phase.

  • A Safe, Supportive Space

    The setting is an important aspect of the catalyst experience. Our environment is designed to bring comfort and support the experience, including lush plants, soothing music and soft light.

  • Validated Substances

    All of the substances we provide are tested by a third-party lab for a predictable and safe experience.

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