Numinus Wellness Centre

Places for lifelong commitment to health and well-being

Numinus offers a unique, integrated therapeutic model to people wanting lasting physical, mental and emotional health — with psychedelic treatments at its core when approved for therapeutic and research use.

Psychedelic therapies are not currently available at our Vancouver centre. Psychedelics will only be available for treatment once approved by regulators and governing bodies — a process we are helping to support. Once approved by Health Canada and various Colleges, our centre will be ideal places for psychedelic therapies to take place in a safe, controlled therapeutic environment.

Today, people come to our existing Vancouver wellness centre for a range of therapies and treatment including neurofeedback, breathwork, registered massage therapy and more, leading to deep and recurring relationships between Numinus and our clients.

Numinus plans to open a purpose-built facility in 2021, with the goal of building a network of therapeutic centres throughout North America.

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