Numinus Bioscience

Revenue today. Ready for tomorrow.

Since 2016, Numinus Bioscience (in alignment with licence holder Salvation Botanicals Ltd), has been committed to helping its customers create safe and reliable products through analytical services, full-spectrum testing, and contract research. Our revenue-generating testing and contract research laboratory is staffed by internationally-acclaimed PhDs with backgrounds in peer-reviewed research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and advanced analytical technologies.

Based in Nanaimo, BC, our 7,000-square-foot facility is one of the largest testing labs in Western Canada. We use a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, acclaimed scientists and lab technicians, and proprietary methods that exceed Health Canada standards to ensure our results are accurate and validated. With competitive pricing and industry-leading service times of three-to-five business days, we take pride in being one of Canada’s most efficient and cost-effective cannabis testing and research laboratories.

Looking to tomorrow, our scientific foundation optimally positions us to take on important research and development projects on several psychedelic substances through our narcotics dealers licence* with the long-term goal of supporting Numinus Health's and other companies' efforts to promote health and well-being.

If you would like to inquire about our lab testing and contract research services, please email us at

*Analytical Testing and Dealers Licence under the name Salvation Botanicals Ltd

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