Breathing techniques designed to help you achieve mental and physical health and well-being.

Bridging Mind and Body

Did you know most people only use 30 percent of our breathing capacity? For many, this lack of oxygen can lead to fatigue, disease and stress.

Breathwork is a body-centered therapy that uses the breath to connect you with your body and enhance your physical and emotional health. It’s one of the oldest, most direct and powerful tools to reset the nervous system and support your body’s natural ability to heal.

Stress can build up over time, placing tremendous pressure on your muscles, organs, nerves and even your cells. For some, this can lead to chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, stress, digestion problems, sleeping disorders, panic attacks, anxiety or depression.

During a breathwork session, clients are guided through deep, purposeful and connected breaths that help you gently get in touch with your body. This often leads to powerful experiences and sensations that help you tap into the autonomic nervous system and bridge the connection between mind and body.

Through breathwork, clients gain the ability to get free from stress, process past memories and experiences and liberate tension and traumas that are stored in the body.

Experience Transformation

  • Benefits

    Breathwork increases the oxygen available in your brain and heart, which in turn improves the function of your internal organs. In fact, up to 70 per cent of toxins in the body can be released through deep breathing. This leads to an experience of reduced stress, tension and pain in the body and a release of endorphins, which support feelings of happiness, generosity and joy.

  • How it Works

    During a breathwork session, Numinus’ practitioners will guide you through breathing techniques that help release your physical and emotional blockages. Once you release the old restored tension from your system, you will feel much lighter, more relaxed and more aligned within your entire body.

Ultimately, Breathwork sessions can be used to boost energy, to maintain health, and to create a deeper connection with your authentic self. It can also be used in a series of sessions as a therapeutic tool to fight against stress-related symptoms, such as panic attacks, anxiety, sleeping disorders, chronic pain, and depression.

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