Meditation Therapy

With scientifically-proven physical, physiological, and emotional benefits, meditative practices are the perfect complement to any integrative health program.

Find Inner Balance

Most of humanity’s cultures and spiritual traditions have developed some form of meditative practice – and for good reason. Decades of research now point to the benefits of meditation therapy when it comes to emotional well-being as well as physical and mental health.

Meditation therapy has been clinically proven to decrease depression and anxiety, help regulate and improve mood, manage stress and improve cognitive function and concentration. It’s also been shown to enhance brain function by increasing grey matter concentration and helping regulate the nervous system.

The qualified practitioners at Numinus have many years of experience with a wide range of meditation techniques and also have in-depth knowledge of the human nervous system. This enables them to help you learn and cultivate a practice that is uniquely suited to your individual preferences, health condition and wellness goals.

Cultivate a Practice

  • Personal Practice

    Meditation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Each person will respond differently to different techniques. Whether you are managing a chronic health condition, seeking to grow spiritually or just want to be more joyful, Numinus offers nearly 30 different meditation therapy techniques to suit your individual disposition and wellness goals.

  • How It Works

    Before our experienced practitioners help you choose a meditation practice, they first observe your nervous system, and gather information about your lifestyle, physical condition and try to understand your unique challenges and goals.

  • Feel Empowered

    Meditation is a habit. The training and guidance offered by Numinus helps clients build their practice and empowers them to build it into their daily life and realize the sustainable benefits long-term.

Meditation has been shown to be as effective in treating anxiety and depression as antidepressant drugs.

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