A manual therapy that relieves pain, increases mobility, and restores vitality.

Restore Your Body

Through physical manipulation of muscles, tissues, bones and even organs, Osteopathic Practitioners work with patients to restore alignment, function and structure in the body.

Practitioners use hands-on techniques, known as Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, to address both muscle and joint pain, organ function and position, scar tissue release and fluid circulation. This makes Osteopathy an effective treatment for diagnosing and treating a range of conditions, including posture imbalance, sports injuries, knee and shoulder injuries, arthritis, dizziness and weakness, as well as breathing and digestive issues.

Transform Your Body

  • Reduce Joint Pain

    Osteopathic Practitioners use precise adjustments of bones, muscles and tendons to help relieve pain and imbalance in patients’ bodies. These physical manipulations help remove barriers to normal function within the body, supporting natural restoration of the body’s physical structure.

  • Restore your tissues

    Osteopathic treatment encourages natural healing and restoration of tissue by identifying and removing barriers to the flow of fluids such as blood, lymph, digestive juices and axoplasm.

  • Improve Organ Function

    Restriction of major blood vessels or nerves within the body’s organ system is often a cause of discomfort or pain for patients. During Osteopathic treatment, each internal organ is examined for sufficient mobility and range of motion.

“Osteopathy approaches the body as a complex network of interrelated systems. Often times, pain and other symptoms experienced by patients have less obvious root causes. Osteopathic treatment takes a truly holistic approach to care, identifying these root causes, removing barriers within the body and supporting long-term health, balance and vitality.”

Fabio Bocchetti, DOMP

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