Relational Somatic Therapy

A method of psychotherapy that uses the mind-body connection and the therapeutic relationship to assist with healing trauma, attachment wounds, and their physical and emotional manifestations.

Healing from Trauma

Relational Somatic Therapy is a holistic approach to healing from past trauma, stressful memories and emotional wounds and their physical symptoms.

Unresolved trauma and stress underlie most mental illness and can manifest in our behaviour, posture, body language or facial expressions. In some cases, it can also contribute to physical symptoms, such as pain, digestive issues, weakened immunity, addiction, and sexual dysfunction, through adaptations of the autonomic and central nervous system. Even though a trauma may be in the past, when unresolved the body and nervous system still responds as though it is still happening.

During Relational Somatic Therapy, your therapist will compassionately guide you in accessing and witnessing the information your body holds, using present moment awareness of felt sensations. The body is considered to not only hold the traumas of the past, but also the innate wisdom of how to heal, given the right conditions. Patients often report feeling free, less stressed and empowered to better engage with life and face challenges.

Healing the Whole Person

  • What the Body Remembers

    ‘Somatic’ comes from the Greek word soma, meaning ‘living body.’ Relational Somatic Therapy helps the autonomic nervous system return to a state of balance, as past traumas are gently metabolized in the safety of the therapeutic relationship. . As this occurs, patients may experience relief from mental and physical symptoms.

  • Tailored Approach

    Therapy sessions usually involve tracking the body’s sensations in present time, while recalling past events. This may include awareness of body sensations, breathwork, voice work, movement, or supportive touch.

“According to Somatic psychology, and the latest advances in neuroscience and physiology, there is no separation of mind and body. This is at the heart of our approach to health at Numinus. The mind affects the body when it comes to health and wellness, and vice versa.”

Dr. Devon Christie, MD, RTC

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